Photo Essay – The Countryside, 7th color collection-

Photo Essay – The Countryside, 7th color collection-


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Style: "120529_JAP_05"

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Style: "120529_JAP_02"

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2 thoughts on “Photo Essay – The Countryside, 7th color collection-

    • Thank you. I create beauty for those on the Web to see and enjoy, since most of the photo are just junk and garbage. The few sites that do have non-offensive images, are just piles of stuff, piles of photos and images, not artwork.
      My photo-essays are designed, and are artistic. They are composed using the elements and principles of art. No one else in the world does work like I do, except for Henry Koehler. I have scoured the Web for images during the past six years, and have seen hundreds of galleries. No one, at all, makes designed, artistic compositions of their galleries. Sophisticated sites will have an “artistic” look, and will use a lot of Flash and graphics, but no actual art was done.

      Thank you for writing, keep in touch.

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