Photo Essay – The Beach, Color – 3rd Collection.

Today, we are in the middle month of Summer, and I have for you now the 3rd collection of The Beach, color version. If you like my  work, feel free to click on the ‘like’ button so that I’ll know.

bc30007 bc30017 bc30027 bc30037 bc30067 bc30077 bc30087 bc30117 bc30137 bc30140 bc30144 bc30160 bc30167 bc30177 bc30178 bc30187a bc30189 bc30197 bc30207 bc30238 bc30239 bc30247 bc30267 bc30278 bc30287 bc30297 bc30307 bc30327 bc30337 Julie Ordon at the Beach in the Caribbean Island of Saint Barthelemy , France 12-20-2007 bc30367 bc30377 bc30387 bc30397 bc30407 bc30417 bc30427 bc30437 bc30438 bc30447 bc30457 bc30467 bc30477 bc30487 bc30497 bc30507 bc30517 bc30527 bc30537 bc30547 Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo spends the afternoon on the beach sunning herself in Miami bc30587 bc30598 bc30607 bc30608 bc30610 bc30617 bc30628 bc30637 bc30647 bc30657 bc30667 bc30677 bc30687 bc30697 bc30707 bc30717 bc30727 bc30737 bc30747 bc30757 bc30767 bc30777 bc30787 bc30797 bc30807 PENTAX Image bc30827 bc30847 bc30857 bc30867 bc30877 bc30887 bc30890 bc30897 bc30907 bc30917 Alyssa Miller shot in the Mojave desert bc30937 Toni Garrn sexy photo shoot on the beach in St Barthelemy on December 06, 2013 bc30967 bc30978a bc30987 bc30997 bc31007 bc31017 bc31027 bc31037 bc31047 bc31067 bc31077 bc31087 bc31097 bc31107 bc31117








5 thoughts on “Photo Essay – The Beach, Color – 3rd Collection.

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