Gemma Ward

The young and beautiful Gemma Ward, back to Fashion Modeling again.

Birth Date
November 3, 1987
Lives Now
New York, NY
Cover girl, Established, Good girl
Known for
Heath Ledger
Marissa Johnson, Lily Donaldson, Caroline Winberg, Daria Werbowy, Lily Cole, Lisa Cant, Danny Beauchamp, Nicole Trunfio, Du Juan, Jessica Hart
Model Turned
Actress (The Black Balloon, 2008; The Strangers, 2007)



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3 thoughts on “Gemma Ward

  1. Thanks for posting this… This brings back my early days in worshiping fashion models esp the emergence of mdoll faced models like Gemma..If shedidnt quit modeling, she could have joined the ranks for Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss who are both considered as modern day Supermodels. On the other hand, she is happy with her family now.

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    • Ebencipe,
      Gemma has done some work since then, since her fiancee died. I haven’t seen much, but did see some recent work by her, perhaps an editorial or runway show. I don’t know of any campaigns she’s done recently. She really does have a doll-face.


    • Joan Smalls, was in one of the Pirelli Calendars, which I used in the black and white gallery. Beautiful model, in natural settings, best photographers in the world.
      I saw the article about Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift on your blog website, the cover and the editorial. All the colors were the same, I mean the same color tones in the whole set of photos. Professionally done; I wouldn’t have used the same filters, but it shows control of a professional to shoot a color themed set like that.

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